Whispers is complete!

The album is complete!  

Free Advice has finished mixing and mastering of our new 12 song album called Whispers.  Thank you so much for funding this project and believing in us – you, our listeners, were integral to motivating us along the way.


During recording we really tried to push Free Advice’s sound into a direction that felt fresh and inspiring, while still staying true to the group’s more traditional influences.  We hope you like where we’ve landed.


All of our thank you’s and rewards will be coming as soon as they’re ready.  Currently the masters are at Gotta Groove Records, a vinyl record plant in Cleveland. The staff is hard at work pressing our vinyl and printing the jackets which will be ready to ship by March 2017.



If you want to let us know what you think about the new tunes, we’d love to hear from you!  Write us here: freeadviceband@gmail.com

Thanks again,


(Don) Bailey, Ben, Kyle and Travis


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Kickstarter for our new album!

Free Advice is a vocally driven folk group from Brooklyn who is set on recording a full length album and printing it on vinyl!

Free Advice is embarking on another recording project. For the first time, we’ve written new material specifically with the interest of not just performing it but recording it and being able to share it with a wider audience. We’ve brought on longtime friend and collaborator Kyle Farrell to bang on some drums while we plug in a little bit, moving away from our folk and bluegrass instrumentation while still retaining the influence of American folk sounds that originally inspired us and continue to inspire us today. We’re recording with another longtime friend and collaborator Don Fierro, who has played a huge role in the technical side of the recordings and has been a primary witness to our evolution. We also hope to layer horns, strings, pianos, clarinet, harmonium, and more on top of the base tracks we’ve already laid down.



If you’ve heard our music in any setting at any time during our lives as bandmates and super-friends, and want more of it, please consider making a contribution. We’re so excited about collaborating on this project and possibly even more excited to share it with you.

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New Houses, New Stories, New Songs

We’ve been writing a lot.  Not on here so much…but we have started writing new material for our third studio album.   We’ll be workshopping new tunes in rehearsal and start playing them at live shows for the next couple months to get ready for the studio this Winter and Spring!


Here’s a little photo from a shoot we did with our talented friend Dan Shapiro.  http://danielshapiro.nyc/

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Printing the artwork for new EP: WREN

That’s right, we’re naming our latest album “Wren” after our good friend and sound engineer Don Fierro (and Leslie’s) new baby, Wren.  All of the songs were recorded in a single day with Don in Bedstuy.  When we planned the recording Don said, Look I can be there, but if I get the call that the baby is on its way, then I’m out.  We thought that was more than fair.  The recording happened, Wren is now an adorable boy, and the EP WREN is printed.










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Recording a new EP























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Who doesn’t love the Jalopy Theatre?

Who doesn't love the Jalopy Theatre?

An Old-school stage for a (kinda) old-school band.

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Oh Precious Burning

Last night was an awesome show – we premiered some new material and we we lucky to have Seth join us on piano for a couple tunes at our monthly Rod and Gun show.

Click this link to check out a video – its a new arrangement of  “Oh Precious Burning” an early Free Advice song.

Oh Precious Burning with Seth Lieberman

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by | January 13, 2014 · 4:12 pm